Friday, 8 April 2011

my short comments, re why its a big mistake, US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts |

US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts |

This is dangerous and not recommended.

how secure is Twitter & Facebook?

consider this, if/should it become a success (billion of followers)

how easily would /could the account be compromised and 'fake information' be spread like wildfire..??

this is a good idea in principle and I would bet my life that Facebook and Twitter will not take on that kind of responsibility/liability if something goes wrong, in fact, would they be around in few years time..

US government/homeland security should just run their own list/information distribute directly from them with secure and proven communications, with authenticate and trusted message (like PGP).. then and only then, would we be able to trust the message.

Sadly we are chasing like lemmings, and following the crowd, key part of the internet is not addressed, which is the 'trust' aspect of it all!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It was rather funny! YouTube - Fox News anchor is pranked on April Fool's Day

YouTube - Fox News anchor is pranked on April Fool's Day: "

thanks Andrew for pointing it out!


trying to find common language of cut of beef, between US, UK and France

Had a fantastic conversation trying to find a common language with the French In-Laws...

Category:Cuts of beef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Types of beef cuts

American: Beef cuts.svg

British: British Beef Cuts.svg

compare with French one:

Fichier:Beef cuts France with numbers.svg

English: Common cuts of beef in France. Brighter colors show higher valued parts
Français : Morceaux de bœuf selon la découpe traditionnelle en France. Les couleurs représentent les "catégories de valeur", la plus claire étant la première catégorie et la plus sombre la troisième
  1. Basses côtes
  2. Côtes, entrecôtes
  3. Faux-filet
  4. Filet
  5. Rumsteck
  6. Rond de gîte
  7. Tende de tranche ; poire, merlan
  8. Gîte à la noix
  9. Araignée
  10. Plat de tranche, rond de tranche, mouvant
  11. Bavette d'aloyau
  12. Hampe
  13. Onglet
  14. Aiguillette baronne
  15. Bavette de flanchet
  16. Plat de côtes
  17. Macreuse à bifteck
  18. Paleron
  19. Jumeau à bifteck
  20. Jumeau à pot-au-feu
  21. Macreuse à pot-au-feu
  22. Queue
  23. Gîte
  24. Flanchet
  25. Tendron, milieu de poitrine
  26. Gros bout de poitrine
  27. Collier
  28. Plat de joue
  29. Langue

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Jon Curtis, great singer songwriter busking in London Tube, A&R guys, take notice and forget the X-factor! (if all his songs are this good)IMG_3369

cannot believe he is not snapped up by Simon coward yet..

great voice and if he writes all his songs like this one, guys & girls try and grab him when you can, as he will soon have entourage and you will not be able to get close!

check out the song I heard, with acoustics inside tube station.. brilliant, first busker that made me stop, believe me, there are many in London!

Jon Curtis - Inside Looking Out Open Mic 2009