Friday, 26 September 2008

True Web2.0 services, not just talking about it, lets do it! Jeff Bezos, Founder of, Inaugural Betting & Gaming Technology Workshop Nov08

Jeff Bezos, Founder of

This is what is key, I think, I see too many people just talk about what can be done, but doing it at scale but enabling the future is key.

To be honest, there is a lot of wasted resources in the IT field, and one good example is the now burgeoning remote gaming gambling market, where by multi-millions of uk pounds, US$ are spent on developing proprietary platforms, servers and technologies, common APIs are not generally adopted.

Hence, together with Betfair, we are co-founding an invitation only workshop for senior CTOs/IT strategic directors to discuss behind closed door this November about key things that needs to be done for the sector worldwide.

I should have contacted you already, if not, please do get in touch with me.