Sunday, 8 May 2016

MY short comments on men should #Engage, find #Purpose #Mission and #SelfChallenge How to be a 21st-century caveman | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Times & The Sunday Times

How to be a 21st-century caveman | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Times & The Sunday Times:

Brilliant work Tim & Matt, for trying! 

Look likes a must read for all modern day men, look forward to reading the book sometime soon. 

I would like to argue and hope the book already cover 'the purpose' and 'mission' that one must have (especially men). 

as most do not engage actively (mind, body, spirit), as it is much easier to just follow the crowd and sit in front of the sofa. 

First task for men therefore is to #Care, #AskTheRightQuestion, engage with self, probably thinking about this is already too much hard work! 

Therefore #SelfChallenge is key! 

For those that cannot afford YogaBox classes, finding their own purpose and just walking would be a great & easy start! Some might not want to move, literally, if so, even standing would help. why no try 'standing like a tree' TaiJi /TaiChi #KungFu. YUP! no need to move.. believe me, it is a challenge, especially if you dare to stand for 60minutes plus! (HealthWarning: its recommended that you only start with few minutes or 10/15min max, please check with your doctor first!)

don't worry about not belonging to tribes as once you started a true hobby (especially martial arts) you will have many reasons (& peer pressure) to join the pack, mini-big-tribe activities (family is a must for sure!).  

And find your personal mission so that collecting #WeeklySpears will become a doddle.. 

For those that likes a challenge, I would like to refer you a rare long blog post I made on 1 common lesson we can learn from Jim Marshall, Charles Darwin, Sir Winston Churchill , US presidents like JFK & FDR.

What do others think? 

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