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My comments re #SelfChallenge #TakeResponsiblity & #AskTheRightQuestion, re Google, democracy and the truth about internet search | Technology | The Guardian

Interesting Article on Guardian:

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My comments on Guardian:

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Well pointed out indeed.

Internet however is still a tool, if search engines like Google proposes inappropriate 'nudges', and promote bad 'results' that influence people's thought/habit formation, it will bring about Brexit & Trumps (or worst help ISIS to recruit new members).

However, people will also have to take personal responsibility (or take heed of good guidance from parents/guardians), where if people were to 'ask' the right question, they would not be persuaded by the 'nudge' by Google's auto-fill question, nor would they be stupidly trusting any answers that come through the first search results page.

IMHO, your good article raising the fact, but solution might lies with people taking on a #SelfChallenge to #Self-Educate so they would #AskTheRightQuestion (like how to fix the world, rather than only changing it or how to hate others), and be able to discern the right answers from fake info. And maybe, a few of them will take the appropriate answer(s) and translate them into actions that will bring about positive impact and meaningful co-existence.

Sadly majority of the Brexit & Trump voters are not avid readers (if the allegations of the press is correct), therefore, your article & our comments are just another coexisting but distinct echo-chamber. We need everyone to be mobilised towards a directional & concrete goals, wonder whom might be the catalyst to bring that positive change? Do anyone know?

+++ I've further clarified:

Very much so, Just to clarify, I also agree that this is a HUGE & the Fundamental problem of our world, people not care, or care about the wrong thing, or worst don't think for themselves & choose to be influenced readily as it is the 'easier' option.

It is sadly the wicked problem of individualism, putting unchecked greed, lack of ethics/family value, blinded democracy & neoliberalism as ultimate panacea, the consequence?: we now have an empowered potentially Alt-Right nationalistic nuclear warhead holding president elect Trump that might still do deals to benefit his own empire.

Maybe in 15 years, the apparently previously bad guy of China might be the best 'model' that might be able to take leadership (especially re aspect of investing in renewable energy that might help delay climate change effect).

The world IMHO need a new movement that will be even more expansive (but with a direction & goal) than #OccupyWallStreet, and indeed, likes of Facebook, Google, Apple can and MUST all play a major role in aiding people to #AskTheRightQuestion (& hopefully #DoTheRightThing) individually, if everyone take a small step in the right direction, we can then all play a major role in fixing our world's wicked problem!

NB: do not forget, a community movement that fixed major long term problems of Central Park New York may provide a blue print of a bipartisan way of Fixing a systemic problem as long as the movement has the right 'goal' & right people/business/entities engaged, see

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