Friday, 23 December 2016

My Comments re Stoking Tensions With China - The New York Times vs previous Chinese Emperors

Stoking Tensions With China - The New York Times:

The Biggest challenge of our time is not lack of access to education (esp. 4 western world in MOOC era of EDX, Coursera etc.), it is sadly Ignorance, Stupidity & the Inability to #AskTheRightQuestion.

In our super connected (physical+informational+digital+economical ) world, the disconnect of cultural understanding & politician's like TrumpElect's previous peddling of racial/demographic/nationalism/ xenophobic hatred whilst ignoring human's existential risk is the biggest folly.

2017 will never be a zero sum era, especially if people exhibit Gorilla Silverbacks' Chest beating and ground thumping behaviour.

The Real danger for our world is illustrated perfectly in the brilliant DocuFilm by John Pilger,as once Nuclear nukes flies, it will not be the end of one nation but the World! Apparently we will NOT see the sun again for 1-3yrs (10yrs for fruit to grow again). Climate changed!

China will not push the button first as can be seen by the constraint shown the return of the drone. UNLIKE the USA/west, despite not having the universal form of democracy west pushing China 'to' adopt (Must Read book by Francis Fukuyama's book on why might not work).

Good Chinese emperors exhibited moral duty (if they have mandate from heaven) & take cautious & long term views, with hidden threats of harsh Nine familial exterminations 誅九族 sentence by next dynasty. Sadly Trump is not afraid of anything/anyone now and world will have to sadly accept the consequences

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